The Birds Eye View Project

I am proud to be the Director and Creative Director for a series of webisodes that will give back to returning injured and burnt veterans and first-reponders. Led by former Navy Seal Ryan "Birdman" Parrott, the project takes him on an adventure to become a wingsuit pilot. His courage to

In Development

Metromorphosis presents a series about global change, but is focused on local solutions.  Our series will always offer entertaining, informational storylines of people upsetting the apple-cart to bring sanity to our economy, to our health, to the planet and to our fulfillment.

Corporate Documentaries

Making a positive impression that's sustainable is key for brands who want to connect to influential grass-root customers. Today's consumer is wiser with many new avenues of media to sort out authentic marketing that aligns with his or her passions.

A new series in development! Athletes Giving Back

  Our team is currently working toward producing a series that opens our eyes to the serious issues that face our world. Session Earth delivers its messages through the eyes of the world's top adventure athletes. Stay tuned for more as we are pitching the series to a very interested network. 

The Ultimate Ride

Red Bull, Lionsgate and STARZ teamed with Fusion and Legacy Films to present this action packed trilogy of three incredible adventures featuring icons Shaun White, Steve Fisher, Robbie Maddison and Rhys Millen. Directed by Erich Lyttle.