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Content Adventurist, Producer/Director and Storyteller

On location in Zambia
On location in Zambia

My role as a managing creative, whether as a producer, a director or a creative director, has been vast and varied. I have garnered invaluable experience promoting brands such as Nike, Red Bull, Casio and Burton by customizing media concepts that connect audiences to relevant lifestyle passions, inspiring demographics in subtle effective entertainment and informative productions.  I’ve produced large and small complex logistic shoots, directed live multi-camera and sizeable crews, initiated original concepts and prepared timelines, budgets and ultimately delivered award winning communications for my clients.

During the last twenty years I’ve led teams of creatives and technicians to the satisfaction of my client’s fulfilled vision. I’ve served as a Creative Director for my own agency creating television spots and corporate communications; built brand awareness through creative infomercial and broadcast production for clients such as DeMarini Sports, launching them into the limelight of sporting goods products and resulting in their acquisitionby Wilson Sporting Goods.

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3 Emmy Awards for Producing including the NBC winter Olympics

Producing and directing large productions such as ESPN’s World Of Big Game Fishing, The X Games, NBC Winter Olympics, televised winter sports tours (Swatch World Tour); live directing college sports (as well filming and producing University of Oregon football for recruiting and Nike promotions); conceptualizing and presenting new project ideas (documentaries for Nike, working directly with CEO Mark Parker, and for corporate Red Bull, North America).

** National Emmy Award as Segment  Producer for NBC Winter Olympics


prod_montageI am respected for my team leadership ability. The long-form projects offer the opportunity to work in every field of media production- hiring DPs, sound techs, musicians, editors, associate producers, writers, on the ground production personnel and post facilities operators.


Mostly, I am a creator, and storyteller- my passion is to communicate, entertain and promote concepts, ideas and healthy brands for a better world- and I am always excited and prepared to lead that charge.

Geoff Hollister, Sam Elliott, Bill Bowerman and me.

Photo by Sarah Henderson


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